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    What's in the Hub?

    Shared workspace

    Share office space with London's most innovative food & food tech entrepreneurs and get access to our extended community

    • Shared office-desks & private offices
    • Full time or flexible memberships
    • Preferred rates for Hub members
    • Access to Huckletree community of tech entrepreneurs

    Events program

    A unique series of workshops and events to empower entrepreneurs, corporate executives to connect and engage

    • Startup ‘Tech Bootcamps’ to help entrepreneurs to create truly digital brands and unlock growth through online sales
    • Workshops on other topics such as food photography or how to pitch your product to retailers
    • FoodTech Meetups & '#TechiesmeetFoodies' social events

    Media studio

    A dedicated space for content creation

    • A fully-fledged media & VR studio to develop multimedia content and run interactive workshops
    • A dedicated 300 square foot studio to record podcasts can be rented by the hour
  • Our resident members

    The Bug Factory

    Insect growing pods for peoples homes. The future of sustainable pet feed has arrived!



    Earthly is a tech platform giving businesses a new way to lead the fight against climate change


    Higher Steaks

    Higher Steaks is about providing that juicy, tender, and delicious meat they love without harming their health, planet, and animals.


    Water Bomb

    Waterbomb is a small independent soft drinks company that specialises in disruptive hydration drinks





    Foraging Fox

    Born from a glut of garden vegetables, the ketchup recipe uses naturally sweet beetroot and apples together with a magical mix of spices​


    Healthier & lighter than ice cream, Remeo is the first authentic Gelato sold in jars



    Delicious, convenient and easy to understand products, made from Lupin Beans


    The Collective Dairy

    Our passion at The Collective is to provide the greatest dairy imaginable - gourmet live yoghurts, unsweetened yoghurt, kids suckies and tasty kefir!

    More to be announced soon...

  • Our community members


    Supplant is a biotechnology platform working in the food sector. It develops natural food ingredients from agricultural resources to allow food manufacturers to decrease sugar, increase fiber, and boost the gut health-promoting qualities of its products.

    Better Nature Foods

    Better Nature Foods is a food-tech start-up dedicated to creating a food system that is better for people and better for the planet.Their first product is a high-protein crisp and they intend to release other lines of products to help their customers lead better lives



    BIO-F tackles the lack of sustainable and efficient fertiliser options, by developing biofertilisers based on natural algae, directly isolated from farmers’ fields.


    Nix & Kix

    The drink with a ZING! All natural, low calorie, vegan with refreshingly different flavours that lift the spirit. No added sugar, great taste.



    Next generation lunch-at-work company.



    Mimica tells you exactly when food spoils so you can use food for longer, safely. Join the #MimicaMovement to help fight food waste!



    Award-winning intelligent solutions for recipe and menu management, allergen control, meal planning, stock evaluation, digital ordering and more.


    Better Dairy

    Using synthetic biology and fermentation we produce products molecularly identical to traditional dairy without needing to use any animals


    Heura Foods

    100% plant-based meat products. We are committed to easy-to-cook, sustainable and nutritious food.






    Spoonshot delivers food & beverage innovation intelligence by leveraging AI and food science


    Neat Burguer

    Neat Food Co is a vertically integrated food tech company on a mission to inspire change by creating a sustainably delicious future.


    More to be announced soon...